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The Big Problem:
    Implementing Change... And How cognence Overcomes It

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Word on the Street...
The average software organization spends
50% of its budget on scrap and rework.

Every company is different and practices can't be dictated across the board. At cognence, we realize that buy-in is essential for lasting change. Each stakeholder must realize a benefit in order to achieve this. That's why our project management, technology and finance experts interview people at every level to understand and identify the areas where you need to improve.

Specialists in best practices including RUP, Agile, CMMI, Enterprise Architecture, IEEE and PMBOK, we take a team approach to create a tailored plan that can be implemented within your environment. Our in-depth research and collaboration ensures that changes are realistic and results are aligned with your organization's goals.

cognence has helped more than three dozen Fortune 1000 companies improve IT and software development processes, implement automation tools, and increase the effectiveness of engineers and executives through training and mentoring. But don't take our word for it. We invite you to talk with some of our clients. Call us today for a list of references.



“The working relationship cognence had with our team was much better than many of the other consultants we’ve worked with.  Employees of the company rolled up their sleeves, got their hands dirty and picked up leadership roles when it mattered most.” 

-Kathryn Cunningham

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