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The average software project runs 189% over budget and overshoots its schedule by 222%.

Introducing Your Path To Success: The APEX Transformation Process.

Our 4-phase process treats each improvement effort like a project, ensuring targeted planning, team buy-in and lasting change.

  1. Appraise/Assess - In our initial phase we benchmark your company and identify the areas in which you need to improve. We offer a range of options to satisfy your needs, from formal CMMI-based SCAMPI appraisals to our unique Cost of Quality Appraisal that will tell you where your organization is underperforming in the language executives understand - dollars and cents.
  2. Plan - Once the appraisal is complete, we collaborate with the key players in your organization to determine what implementation techniques are realistic, achievable and aligned with your business goals. This team effort gives participants ownership of the improvement effort, which is essential for lasting change.
  3. Execute - Once the plan is approved by your organization's leaders and change agents, we will guide the execution. We provide assistance with process engineering, automation tool implementation, training and mentoring, software quality assurance, organization-wide communication of short-term wins to ensure momentum, and overall project tracking.
  4. X-Transition - Ultimately, our goal is for customers to establish a culture where information flows seamlessly from stakeholder requests all the way through to product deployment. To that end, we instill methodologies that will help your current project as well as pass on disciplines that guarantee ongoing efficiency.

"cognence came in and gained a nearly immediate understanding of our situation and facilitated us toward a solution that would achieve our business goals. The framework they used helped us achieve a common mindset to work toward our goals - in less than a week."

- Ray
Government Contractor