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How Has cognence Helped Other
        Companies Improve Their Engineering Results?
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Automation of a poorly defined process will produce poorly defined results.

Jeppesen Adopts The IBM Rational Unified Process


cognence helped Jeppesen create a customized version of the IBM RUP methodology for implementation across their international technical organization, increasing process repeatability and software quality. Read more >>

Highmark Scraps Inconsistent
Processes In Favor Of RUP


cognence used its APEX transformation methodology to develop and implement a customized RUP supported by the integrated toolset, allowing Highmark to work on an accelerated schedule. Read more (PDF) >>

Countrywide IT Initiatives Moved
Ahead One Year


cognence helped Countrywide deploy Serena Dimensions within the regulatory requirements and time constraints set by the OCC, FRB and Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This success led to Countrywide moving initiatives ahead one year. Read more (PDF) >>

Sun/StorageTek Saves Millions By Improving Quality

Storage Tek

cognence initiated a CMMI-based program using RUP to improve StorageTek’s ATS-SE business unit performance, resulting in a 35% improvement in productivity, amounting to millions of dollars. Read more (PDF) >>

Build Forge Reduces Build Time By
Up To 94%


Over the course of 8 months, cognence helped the Jeppesen Center of Excellence migrate more than half of their projects to Build Forge, resulting in increased accuracy and time savings of up to 94%. Read more (PDF) >>

Balboa Standardizes Development And Source Control Company-Wide


After cognence implemented Serena Dimensions, Balboa experienced enormous speed improvements and the elimination of manual deployment errors altogether. Read more (PDF) >>

Merlin Receives CMMI Level 2 Rating, Saves $30,000 And Two Months


Through effective training and streamlined efforts by cognence, Merlin converted their SCAMPI B appraisal into a SCAMPI A, resulting in a maturity level 2 rating. Read more (PDF) >>

cognence Enables Multi-Site Development

cognence implemented branching and notifications through ClearCase Scheduler, allowing developers to work concurrently on separate software versions and synchronize several times a day between US and India sites. Read more (PDF) >>

CVS Allows For Concurrent Work On Bug Fixes And New Releases

cognence created the capability to merge branches, set up training classes for developers and wrote a training manual specific to the CVS configuration management.  Read more (PDF) >>



"cognence's consultants are domain experts. But beyond that, they were forthright, conscientious and interacted well with our team."

- Gerry Lyon
Balboa Insurance Group

Read more (PDF) >>