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The average software project spends 65% of its budget on unproductive quality costs, versus 35% on development costs.


Are You Building Software or Hopeware
Industry statistics are still showing that too many software projects are suffering from schedule delays, cost overruns and quality problems. Whether you are building commercial products, in-house systems, or components of a larger system, these issues can be devastating. By understanding your organization's cost of quality and how much inefficiencies are costing, you will be able to shift resources and attention towards prevention. The result: Defects delivered to the field, employee turnover and development cycle times will be significantly reduced. This webinar will introduce attendees to the concept of software engineering costs of quality, quantify the differences in quality and productivity between average and leading software organizations and describe how innovation is driven by improving quality and productivity and reducing costs of quality.

Integrating Processes, Tools, and People Across the Software Development Lifecycle
It is widely recognized that automation is a highly effective mechanism to significantly improve engineering results, product quality, and standardization across projects. Many people use the term "software factory", but how many really know what one is or looks like? This webinar describes the make-up of a software factory, the importance of seamless collaboration among people, processes, and tools, and how IBM Rational's recently released suite of solutions based on the Jazz platform help to link these together to create a bona-fide software factory.

Rational Method Composer Overview
Learn how Rational Method Composer allows you to select, tailor and rapidly assemble processes for your development projects. With RMC you can employ best practices, like IBM's Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile, and CMMI requirements for process creation and maintenance, deployment, adoption and improvement.

IBM Rational Team Concert
One of the most significant advances for software development in the past decade, Team Concert will help you reduce scrap and rework with real-time collaboration, cut administrative costs with automated data collection and reporting, govern software projects with real-time visibility and increase team capabilities with integrated work item, build and software configuration management.

Introduction to Software Engineering Economics
Understand how much inefficiencies are costing you and the measure you can take to shift resources and attention towards productivity. You'll see an increase in software quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee morale. Defects delivered to the field, employee turnover and development cycle times will be significantly reduced.

Organizational Change
Improving processes/tools requires changing the ways people perform their work. In many cases, organizations focus on the technical process/tool aspects, and not enough on the "people engineering" aspects. This approach leads to less than desirable results, and sometimes, failure.

Overview of the Capability Maturity Model Integration
Whether you are looking to reach a particular maturity level, evaluate one of your suppliers, or simply improve your own development capabilities, anyone designing, building, or purchasing systems or software products should be aware of the CMMI and its principles.

Optimize Your Development Process for Multiple Models and Standards
Either due to contractual requirements, strategic advantage in the marketplace or internal quality objectives, high-performing organizations often utilize aspects of several standards, models, and frameworks including CMMI, ITIL, ISO9000, TL9000, ISO14000, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), MIL STD 2167A, Malcolm Baldrige, etc. In this webinar, you will learn to optimize potential leverage points and strategies for a hybrid solution, allowing your organization to streamline and reduce overhead and redundancy in audits and evaluations. By interpreting and analyzing standards, a common, unified approach can be achieved. Auditing to and generating corrective actions from this common guidance becomes a more clear way of working and eliminates confusion, inconsistency and possible conflicts between multiple standards that are enforced independently.

IBM Rational AppScan SaaS
If not properly protected, your web-based systems can be open to hackers, compromising confidential company information and customer data. With the race to stay competitive, it's possible that your security staff is already stretched too thin. Perhaps you don't have in-house security expertise. Or maybe the investment in security software licenses, hardware, infrastructure, analysts, support staff, maintenance and upgrades all seems overwhelming. Learn about how IBM Rational AppScan OnDemand-a new software-as a-service (SaaS) solution-can provide immediate, actionable ways to secure your web applications without the need for infrastructure investments.

CMMI for Services - What Is It and Why Use It
The processes for delivering services can be very different from those for delivering products. Since service jobs account for over 80% of total U.S. employment, the SEI created CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC). In this webinar, you will become familiar with the best practices that CMMI-SVC delivers, differences between the two models, specific topics of confusion and how CMMI-SVC can be best utilized.

Other Resources

cognence Cost of Quality Whitepaper (PDF)
cognence, inc. white paper on the Cost of Poor Software Quality.

CMMI The Rational Edge (PDF)
cognence, inc. Rational Edge Article on Achieving CMMI Maturity Level 2 using Rational's solutions.

CMMI Process And Requirements Management White Paper (PDF)
cognence, inc./IBM Rational white paper on Achieving CMMI Maturity Level 2 in the Requirements Management Process Area using the Rational Unified Process and Rational Solutions.

Achieving CMMI Process And Change Management White Paper (PDF)
cognence, inc./IBM Rational's white paper on Achieving CMMI Maturity Level 2 in the Configuration Management Process Area using the Rational Unified Process and Rational Solutions.

Calculating CMMI-Based ROI (PDF)
Presentation on Calculating CMMI-Based ROI, as delivered by cognence, inc. founder and president Rolf Reitzig to a standing room only crowd at the SEI's SEPG '07 conference.



“Over the course of one year, cognence was able to unlock millions of dollars of productivity by helping us improve our software engineering capabilities.”

- Russ Kennedy

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