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How Much Are Quality Problems
                               Costing Your Company?
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Leading software companies deliver 80% fewer defects.

It's difficult to understand where you should go if you don't have a clear idea of where you are. We offer a variety of assessments and appraisals to benchmark your company and identify areas where change will impact your bottom line the most.

How Doing Nothing Can Cost You Up To Four Times More Than Hiring Us.

Our Cost of Quality Appraisal will tell you exactly how much your current process is costing you along with the financial impact that inefficiencies are having on your organization. This data provides a solid business case for improvement.

We also offer CMMI-based appraisals and results-based retrospectives for either a particular project or an entire organization. As well, we can conduct a targeted process area appraisal if you are interested in improving a particular facet of your software development.

Appraisals/Assessments offered by cognence

  • CMMI® SCAMPI A, B, C, targeted Process Area(s)
  • Personnel Alignment
  • Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  • Project Retrospective/Lessons Learned
  • Automation Tool Selection, Usage, and Needs Analysis
  • Software Inspections, Code Reviews, Size, Complexity

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"cognence was able to show us the inefficiencies in our lifecycle and communicate them in a way that upper management could see the value. This gave us ammunition to make changes."

- Bryan Phillips

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